My projects of note

Superb Text, lightweight text editor written in Rust. Has multi-caret editing, custom syntax highlighting engine, fuzzy file find, modal keyboard shortcuts, VCS friendly configuration in a custom format, builtin LSP support, and a git diff in the left hand gutter.

Spock, custom Vulkan game engine in Rust. Contains a from-scratch Vulkan renderer, flexible entity system, physics via Rapier, text layout/rasterization using Parley/Swash/Zeno with a caching layer, and a work-in-progress out of process debugging tool using egui.

SkyOfSteel, multiplayer sandbox game built with Godot and C#. Had a convenient networked entity system, chunk loading/unloading, and builtin scripted mod support.

Mountain, custom compiled programming language written in posix C. General C style semantics with mutable variables, functions, structs, enums, and pointers. Compiler implementation was rudimentary though featured a thorough semantic checking pass with appropriate error messaging. Codegen was achieved through generating C source. The language reached the point of having a basic in-language test suite before being shelved.