Creation of Feeling

Wednesday the 3rd of November 2021

Is there anything quite so beautiful in this life as the creation of some work with the ability to affect another? To reach out and tug on the emotions of a stranger. Empathy, joy, connection, and sorrow, all instruments ready to be played by one so talented.

So many works, so many feelings. To thank someone for their gift to you would be quite strange. You were not present, in their mind, upon the creation of this item. Yet it can still effect so deeply and personally, as all great art can.

The immense gratitude I have, for so many who have created. Poured forth story and emotion. Is there no greater act? The act of distilling something quite so meaningful, yet still open for interpretation. Relatable to so many, yet always different to each.

The works which have made me laugh, those which have made me feel, those which brought forth tears when I needed it most. The works which taught me how to live, and to love. The human experience in a convenient form factor.

Someday I hope to create something so meaningful. Those who have I hold in such high regard. I wish to stand among their ranks for having done something so worthwhile. Life is short, sometimes so meaningless, but to have such an impact on another. Well is there anything quite so beautiful?